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Summary: One of the most common questions that women considering breast augmentation surgery ask is, “Am I the right age for implants?” This is a complex question with many different answers, because the ideal candidate for breast augmentation can range from a woman in her 20s to someone in her 40s, or quite possibly, even older. The decision highly depends on the individual and whether or not she is fully committed and ready for the procedure at that particular stage of her life. Of course, there are pros and cons to getting implants at various ages, and if you’re unsure, it is best to consult with your board certified plastic surgeon.

Breast Implants in Your 20s

Many young women who opt for breast implants in their 20s say that they made the decision because they wanted to be able to enjoy their new look before settling down and having children. Nonetheless, women in their 20s understand that a revision surgery may be necessary down the road due to normal body changes that take place over time, possible weight fluctuations and, of course, pregnancy.   Regardless, many still say they don’t regret their decision to get breast implants at a younger age.

Breast Implants in Your 30s

While women can be in various stages of their lives in their 30s, this is an age group that often considers getting implants. Many women begin to start families in their 30s, which could be an ideal time to think about breast augmentation or even a mommy makeover procedure following childbirth. Additionally, some women in their 30s are beginning to feel that they know themselves much better than they did in their 20s, making them feel more confident about moving forward with breast augmentation surgery.

Keep in mind, any cosmetic surgery will require some recovery time. So, if you are in the height of your career and trying to juggle your job, marriage and possibly even kids, you should be sure that you can give yourself the necessary time off to fully recover.

Breast Implants in Your 40s and Beyond

Contrary to what some may think, there is no cut-off age for getting breast implants, as even women well into the 50s and older enjoy their benefits.  Of course, overall health is a factor in the safety of your surgery, but many surgeons say that an active 50-year-old woman could potentially be in better shape than a 30-year-old.

In fact, getting implants later in life is a great, as you most likely you have already had children and are now looking to give your body a little boost and rejuvenation. This also may be a time in your life when things have begun to slow down a bit, giving you the freedom to take some time to focus on yourself.

Mindset Over Age

There really isn’t a “right” or “wrong” age to get breast implants, as long as you’re physically healthy enough for surgery. Because every woman’s specific situation and goals are different, making an overarching claim that one age group is better suited for implants than another is impossible. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the decision should be yours alone, and you should feel confident and ready to make a change to enhance your body’s natural assets.

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