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Summary: For some of us, diet and exercise will only transform our bodies to a certain point. Before you know it, you’re at that frustrating stubborn fat stage. You need a little help getting over the hump, but you don’t wan’t to go under the knife. If this sounds familiar, CoolSculpting might be just what you need.

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With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s nearing my favorite — and least favorite — time of the year. Before we know it, a new year will be upon us. “This year, I am going to lose 20 pounds!” I’ll say, with a sparkle in my eye and skip in my step. I’ll be so hopeful, but probably so off yet again.

Unfortunately, sometimes all of the diet and exercise in the world is no defense against the dreaded muffin top, stubborn love handles, or all-too-familiar bra fat. It can be extremely discouraging when you’ve been working so hard to (what seems like) no avail. Some may turn to cosmetic surgery for help with trouble areas, but that isn’t always a realistic option for those who would rather avoid the expense and downtime of an invasive procedure. Fortunately, there’s a great alternative.

How can I reduce fat without surgery?

I did some research and found a surprisingly effective alternative to liposuction that’s completely non-invasive. Over the past few years, CoolSculpting has earned a reputation as a very popular fat-reduction treatment among those who are looking for a little extra help without having to go under the knife.

Although CoolSculpting may sound like a strange, futuristic procedure, it’s a simple treatment that uses a device to break down fat cells. The process is pretty straightforward: A technician applies the device to a fatty area of skin, and it cools down the fat cells below the surface. This causes the cells to deteriorate and die off gradually over the course of 2 to 4 months after treatment, making them unable to regenerate and eliminating them from your body forever. The best part? It’s designed to contour small areas of the body with no incisions, and you can achieve a fat reduction of 20 to 25% in the area.

Is it safe?

At first, CoolSculpting sounded pretty bizarre and maybe too good to be true, which made me wonder about the risk rate. Research shows that fat cells are much more sensitive than surrounding tissue (such as skin and muscle) when exposed to cold. Because of this, it’s perfectly safe to expose a fatty area to low temperatures for an extended amount of time in a controlled procedure. No other tissue is damaged. There may be some soreness and tingling, but it’s usually temporary. Extensive clinical research and years of practical use have shown the CoolSculpting procedure to be safe, which is why it is cleared by the FDA.

Who is a good candidate?

It’s a great option for someone who is in moderately good shape and health but who just cannot seem to get rid of persistent trouble spots, such as muffin tops, love handles, or back fat. A new attachment to the device recently came out that also makes it effective for treating areas of “non-pinchable” fat, such as on the thighs. In addition, it’s a fairly quick process, lasting only about 1 or 2 hours per treatment area, and it doesn’t require any downtime. Some doctors recommend more than 1 treatment for the most dramatic results. Kent. V Hasen, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon in Naples, FL, recommends “stacking” CoolSculpting treatments, because it can result in an additional 20 to 25% fat reduction.

For me, it was a relief to come across this non-surgical option during my research, because sometimes it’s really easy to let those persistent pounds get you down. If you find yourself struggling to get rid of the trouble spots on your body, maybe CoolSculpting is the right avenue for you.

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