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Summary: Finding out what’s new with breast implants in 2018 can help you determine whether a breast augmentation procedure is right for you in the coming year. After all, the more options that are available to patients, the more likely you are to find an avenue that’s perfect for you. Keeping track of breast implant advancements can help you make sure you’re up to date on what’s out there.

What Can We Expect from Breast Implants in 2018?

A new year is upon us. It’s a perfect time to discuss what’s new with breast implants in 2018. That’s because many of us have an imperfect notion of how breast implants actually work, what they are, and how the exist over time. In other words, many of us think that breast implants are basically the same today as they were 20 or 30 years ago.

And that’s simply not true. Breast implants are evolving and innovating in with surprising speed and effectiveness. Today’s breast implants are much more sophisticated and advanced than what was available on the market a few decades ago.

Although, they do still perform the same basic function. It’s true that advances in implant technology have been complimented by advances in surgical techniques. But the overall goal has always been the same: to enhance the size and appearance of patients’ breasts. Discussing what’s new with breast implants in 2018 can help us contextualize what this procedure means for today’s patients.

Building on the Trends of the Past

So, a breast implant in 2018 is not going to be radically different from a 2017 implant. Most of the advances in implants take place over a gradual period of time. A collection of small innovations eventually builds up to a significant advancement. Over time, those advancements are incorporated into the latest models.

It’s fair to say, then, that innovations in breast implants tend to build on the past. That was true when silicone gave way to saline implants. And it was true when saline, in turn, gave way to silicone. Indeed, silicone implants are still the most popular breast implants in the world—and they’re usually the top choice among patients and surgeons alike.

But there are some trends in 2018 that could be changing that.

What’s New in 2018?

There are several developments that I think will continue to be important in 2018 in terms of breast implants. To be sure, we are not medical doctors (and you should not take this as medical advice—always talk to your surgeons before deciding on a course of action). But, we write about plastic surgery quite often. And this is what we see on the horizon:

  • Gummy Bear Implants: You hear this term more and more often. And it’s a slightly ambiguous term. What exactly is a “gummy bear” implant? Originally approved by the FDA in 2012, these implants are a great way to get a more natural looking result with the added strength of silicone gel. Every year, these implants look and feel more natural. They’re the perfect compromise between saline and silicone and tend to have a longer lifespan. We’re looking for gummy bear implants—and variations thereof –to be a big player in 2018.
  • Fat Grafting Implants: To be sure, a fat graft isn’t an “implant” the same way that a silicone implant is. Fat grafting involves dozens in injections into the breast tissue. But like it or not, fat grafting is an incredibly popular breast augmentation procedure type. We won’t be surprised if fat graft breast augmentation continues to be a big trend in 2018, especially given how popular this option was in 2017.
  • Smaller Incisions: Since gummy bear implants and silicone gel are clearly fantastic implants, you might wonder why saline implants have not gone away completely by now. The answer is pretty simple: saline implant allow patients to achieve results with a much smaller incision (sometimes as small as only a couple of cm). The smaller the incision, the faster the recovery period. We won’t be surprised if 2018 features even more implants that can be inserted through smaller incisions.

Prepared for New Trends

In any case, breast implants in 2018 are sure to offer plenty of interesting trends for us to sort through in the new year. However, it’s important to keep in mind the skill of the surgeon. According to the website of the surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery (among the top Minnesota breast augmentation experts), the skill of the surgeon simply cannot be an overstated factor.

So spend some time discussing these new trends with your plastic surgeon, especially if you’re thinking about undergoing a breast enhancement procedure in the coming year.

The most important thing is not that you have the latest and greatest breast implant device. The most important thing is that you select the implant type that’s right for you and your body. There is no single best implant type—only the one that’s best for you. That will be true when it comes to breast implants of 2018 and beyond.

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