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Summary: It’s hard to pin down exactly what’s considered attractive in the media these days. We’re bombarded from all sides with messages that thin is in, but also that “real” women have curves. With so much contradiction swirling over the airwaves, it’s no surprise that there are so many women who are interested in turning toward breast augmentation to help them achieve a certain ideal.



There has been some backlash against this trend, despite the fact that plastic surgery is becoming more popular than ever before. Detractors of cosmetic surgery argue that the results seem artificial and that women should be happy just how they are, but with society constantly yo-yoing about the definition of sexy, who’s to say getting a little help is a bad thing?

The Breast Implant Backlash

Public icons often face scrutiny for their cosmetic choices, particularly female celebrities who choose to have plastic surgery. For example, Iggy Azalea, who has repeatedly defended her choice to get breast implants, has come under fire recently for her apparent flouting of the body-positive messages that other female celebrities are supposed to follow too. This is seen as hypocritical, considering Iggy’s own cosmetic enhancements. Yet, is feeling body-positive really so at odds with getting breast implants?

While implants are often held up as a symptom that exemplifies the low self-esteem mania caused by today’s media, the truth is really the opposite. As the benefits of natural looking breast augmentation become more apparent, more women are beginning to view this procedure as what it really is: simply, a way to accentuate your figure and give yourself a curvier look that helps you feel more confident and sexy.

Feeling Great about Your Body

The idea that every woman who gets breast implants is suffering from low self-esteem is ridiculous, and perpetuating that stereotype damages not only the women who choose breast enhancement, but even the practice of cosmetic surgery itself.

Some women suffer from poor breast development during puberty, which left them with breasts that are underdeveloped or uneven. Cosmetic surgery can correct breast asymmetry for a more balanced, proportionate figure. For these women, cosmetic surgery can be an excellent option.

There are many reasons that women choose to receive breast implants, and standing in judgement of them is never a positive thing. Plus, let’s face it: society is equally unforgiving of small-breasted women, women whose breasts are naturally larger, or anyone whose body shape looks different from what’s considered “normal.”

The Right Reasons

Having said that, it’s true that some reasons to get breast implants are better than others. Primarily, women should never get implants because someone else says they should, or for any reason other than their own personal motivation.

The women who will be happiest with their results are the ones who are otherwise comfortable with their body and just need a little extra help to achieve the look they want. Breast implants can also be a good option for women whose breasts “deflated” after pregnancy or losing a lot of weight.

Other breast enhancement procedures can help with body issues too: a breast lift can raise and reshape droopy breasts, while a breast reduction can alleviate the persistent back and neck pain that’s commonly associated with overly large breasts.

Ultimately, getting breast implants is a decision that a woman should make for herself. Breast augmentation shouldn’t be done to please others or avoided to dodge criticism. At the end of the day, it’s your body and you should do what makes you feel most comfortable.

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