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Summary: Why do so many celebrities get plastic surgery these days? Or is it just that they’re being more open and honest about it than they used to be? Well, the answer could definitely be some combination of more honestly and more frequency–along with more reporting. But what exactly drives celebrities to the surgeon isn’t all that different from what drives the rest of us to go see the plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Why Do So Many Celebrities Get Plastic Surgery?

Every week it seems like there’s a new story about this celebrity getting a facelift or that star getting Botox injections. And it lead someone to ask a very basic question: why do so many celebrities get plastic surgery? Now, you might think there are some obvious answers to this–but there are some not-so-obvious answers too.

First and foremost, we should note that celebrities have a certain right to privacy, even though they’re public figures. Plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are still medical procedures–so we don’t really have that much of a right to pry.

That said, it’s hard to stop from speculating, isn’t it? And when celebrities are open about their plastic surgery procedures, it provides a nice window into what their lives are like–and how they stay looking as great as they look. So it’s worth interrogating this question a little bit. We might be able to learn something along the way. (It’s also worth noting that you should never take your medical advice from a celebrity–or from a blog for that matter. Just like celebrities, we’re here for entertainment purposes only.)

Motivations Behind Plastic Surgery

People undergo plastic surgery for one basic reason: they want to feel good about how they look. Now, that’s a very basic way of stating something that’s actually rather complex. Because there are so many subtle and individualized variations in this type of motivation that these factors are hard to classify as one monolithic kind of catalyst.

So what’s driving celebrities to plastic surgery? Well, there are a couple of possible answers:

  • Career: For many celebrities–especially celebrities who also happen to be women–their career has something to do with how they look. As actresses age, for example, it might become more difficult for them to find good parts. (This is getting a little better, but by no means has it changed utterly in Hollywood.) So for many in Hollywood, looking younger longer can actually extend a career.
  • Public pressure: When you spend most of your day standing in front of people, you want to make sure you look good (at least, that’s often the case). Celebrities spend a significant amount of time in the public eye. So it’s not surprising, I suppose, that they want to look good when they do. There can be a strong sense of pressure to make sure you look good when you know there are going to be hundreds, if not thousands, of eyes on you (and photos that will live forever.
  • Personal: As with the rest of us, many celebrities may have very personal reasons driving them to undergo a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure. These personal reasons can be quite varied and have little to do with their career or public pressure. Maybe there’s a certain part of the body that they’ve been uncomfortable with for some time. That’s as good a motivation as any for plastic surgery.

Of course, it’s also not uncommon for a combination of factors to motivate someone to undergo a procedure.

How Does That Compare to Non-Celebrity Motivations?

So we’ve examined in amazing brevity the reasons why celebrities might undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery–what about the rest of us? Well, it turns out that celebrity motivations aren’t quite so different from our own motivations.

Recent studies have even discussed how so-called Baby Boomers are being motivated to undergo plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery by career concerns. They seem to be under the (probably correct) impression that if they look more youthful, more career opportunities will be open to them.

And then there are teachers. Teachers are one of those groups that are surprisingly common as plastic and cosmetic surgery patients. And the reason is simple: they’re in front of people all day. So when a teacher feels self conscious about his nose, he’ll feel that even more so standing in front of a classroom. For that patient, rhinoplasty is a way to alleviate those feelings of self-consciousness and gain a feeling of self-confidence.

Your Motivation is the One That Matters

In the end, celebrity motivation for plastic surgery isn’t all that different from our own. So why do so many celebrities get plastic surgery? The same reasons the rest of us do! Those reasons may be amplified in some cases, but they aren’t all that different.

So what should be important to all plastic surgery patients is their own motivation. Plastic surgery works best when you understand why you’re undergoing the procedure you’re getting. So the more you know about your own motivation, the more you’re likely to enjoy your results in the long term.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He’s constantly in communication with surgeons about the latest and most popular procedures to ensure his information is as up to date and accurate as possible.

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