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Summary: Some procedures get all the press. There’s nothing wrong with talking about breast augmentation or liposuction or tummy tucks—those are all very valuable procedures with a lot of happy patients. But we want to spend a little bit of time today talking about another procedure—one that doesn’t get as much airtime. That procedure falls into the category of vaginal rejuvenation, and includes labiaplasty. Why get labiaplasty? Well, it turns out the reasons are more complex than we, at first, might suspect.

The Question: Why Get Labiaplasty?

Every once in a while, we bring up one of those plastic surgery procedures that not many people talk about but that is simultaneously so worth talking about. As with other plastic surgery procedures, this one is designed simply to help patients—in this case, women, specifically—to feel comfortable with their own bodies. The procedure that we’re talking about today is known broadly as vaginal rejuvenation procedures. We say that the term is “broad” because it encompasses several different procedures, each of which we’ll get into a little bit at a time. But perhaps it’s best to start off with a defense of vaginal rejuvenation in general.

Many people blame the preponderance of adult entertainment and female nudity for increased pressure on women to have perfect bodies, right down to the genitals. That’s not necessarily an unfair critique, but it does fail to take into account the personal experiences of many of the women—in other words, the critique might have some weight on a social level, but the women who are interested in these procedures undergo those procedures for personal reasons. And that needs to be respected and honored, of course. Most women who undergo vaginal rejuvenation procedures do so for their own comfort.

Let’s take labiaplasty as an example. This is a procedure designed to remove excess tissue from the labia. Many women request this procedure—or, at least, inquire about this procedure—due to feelings of discomfort. Extra labia tissue can mean uncomfortable friction when working out, or the feeling that the labia is “sticking out” when in workout clothes. These feelings of discomfort can lead to changes in behavior, the development of self-conscious feelings and so on. In other words, to most individual women, it doesn’t necessarily matter where the pressures are coming from or where they’re directed: they just want to feel good in their own bodies, they want to feel comfortable working out.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

And that’s pretty understandable. There are other vaginal rejuvenation procedures that are similarly criticized: g-spot enhancement and vaginoplasty being the two biggest examples. Perhaps because they so directly lead to increased pleasure during intimacy, it’s tempting to view these procedures are, somehow, shallow or frivolous. But every one of these surgeries leads to an improvement of quality of life. After all, intimacy is one of those things that we should all have the opportunity to enjoy—making slight alterations to the shape or rigidity of the genitals seems a small price to pay for that kind of quality of life.

Which is a long way of saying that when it comes to vaginal rejuvenation procedures, the decision to get a labiaplasty or vaginoplasty should, of course, ultimately be up to the patient. The problem is that by keeping these procedures in the shadows, as it were, by speaking about them infrequently, it makes finding help difficult. In other words, there seems to be a stigma around vaginal rejuvenation, and it can keep patients from getting the help they desire.

Working to Change the Stigma

Of course, many plastic surgeons are working to change that. Many plastic surgery clinics now have vaginal rejuvenation procedures listed on their websites—from labiaplasty in Milwaukee to vaginal rejuvenation in New Jersey. Plastic surgeons are actively searching for patients who require these services and who will benefit from them. This isn’t an attempt to force their idea of what the labia should look like onto someone else—rather, it’s an attempt to reach out to those patients who are already feeling uncomfortable with the way they look and, perhaps more importantly, with the way they feel.

High Quality of Life for Patients

If you spend enough time reading through the testimonials of women who have sought out labiaplasty or other vaginal rejuvenation procedures, you begin to see some common threads. You stop asking, why get a labiaplasty? Instead, you start listening: it has a lot to do with the way you feel. In other words, it has something to do with how everything looks, of course, but it has more to do with the way women feel in their own bodies on a daily basis. In this way, I think vaginal rejuvenation has much less to do with getting a “designer vagina” and much more to do with women who are simply seeking out a way to feel comfortable again.

After all, the human body goes through a whole host of changes as age, and that means everything. Nothing is immune to those changes. So if you are feeling uncomfortable with the size, shape, or feeling of your labia or vaginal area, talk to a plastic surgeon today.

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