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Summary: Predicting the future can be a risky business. In all likelihood, you’ll end up wrong for one reason or another. But we can certainly look at trends and try to anticipate where things are going. That’s certainly the case with plastic surgery. In fact, we’re taking a shot (maybe not a great one, but a shot nonetheless) at anticipating the popular plastic surgery procedures of 2017.

Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2017

Plastic and cosmetic surgery are fields that are constantly innovating. Each new innovation, in theory, brings improvement to the fields. Of course, sometimes those innovations fizzle. Not every procedure is going to hit that perfect niche—that sweet spot where you meet a demand that’s just arising. But, still, these innovations are important and powerful, and the sheer number of innovations in 2016 has made this quite the year.

But what procedures will still be popular in 2017? Every year, new procedures pop up. Some of those procedures will fall by the wayside and some of them will become popular mainstays. So what can we say about plastic surgery in 2017, knowing what we know about plastic surgery in 2016? Does the modern era of plastic surgery give us any clues as to what it will look like next year?

Well, we can definitely attempt to answer that question. But as with any look into the crystal ball of fortune telling, things may change. No one can really predict the future.

Some New Procedures in 2017

The year of 2016 has already seen the introduction of some pretty spectacular procedures, not least among them Kybella. For those of you who have not heard, Kybella is a potent injectable that helps to eliminate fat in the neck and jawline. In other words, it’s an injectable that gets rid of your double chin. This is a boon to many patients who have excess fat around the neck but who don’t want to get surgery.

Whether this turns out to be a long-lasting and durable procedure is anyone’s guess. I have a feeling it will be around for a while, if only because it does something that no other product can really do. It gets rid of difficult to target fat without the need for surgery. And it’s really the first of its kind in terms of treatment like that—an injectable that eliminates fat. Look for Kybella to stick around in 2017.

The Old Staples in 2017

Despite the emphasis on innovation, there are a few procedures that are sure to stick around in 2017. Perhaps first and foremost is Botox injections. I know we all think of this as a kind of Botox in Los Angeles phenomenon. But Botox is popular nationwide, and we can safely guess that it will continue to be exceptionally popular in 2017.

Also popular is are a couple of surgical procedure: breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, and so on. These are staples of the plastic surgery world. Breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedures aren’t just sticking around, they’re constantly being modified and improved. For example, many liposuction procedures now offer less invasive techniques for patients.

Likewise, the recovery from breast augmentation procedures has also improved. In other words, these procedures have innovated to better fit the lifestyles of patients.

What Will be Popular in 2017?

All of this begs the question, what will be new in 2017? It’s difficult to say what the “hot” new procedure will be. But there are a couple of trends that we can’t help but notice. First and foremost, we expect to see more fat grafting procedures hit the market. These procedures are already popular—Brazilian Butt Lift and Fat Graft Breast Augmentation being the most recognizable.

We expect those procedures (and maybe even some like them in new areas) to get a big boost in 2017. We also expect new innovations in non surgical techniques and procedures to continue booming. Patients love the ability to get results without having to go in for surgery. Could we see a long term non surgical breast augmentation in 2017?

Well, it’s certainly not impossible.

Getting What You Want

It’s also important to remember that these trends and innovations are often driven by consumer demand. If patients want a new way to get a facelift without having to get surgery (okay, that already exists) or get a breast augmentation without going under the knife, surgeons are likely to invest in that technology. Likewise, if patients want to get back on their feet more quickly, surgeons will try to find a way.

What’s exciting about innovation in 2017, as it was in 2016, is that patients are leading the way. What you want is, to a degree, what you will eventually get. At least, if what you want is in any way physically possible. Still, you can dream, and in 2017, we’ll keep dreaming!

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  1. Hi Dan! I think that this year anything that has to do with body sculpting will be the trend. People are even more obsessed about getting the perfect body shape as quickly as they can and with people getting busier and busier getting into the gym is just a second option. What do you think?

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