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Get the Body You Want

Sometimes you can get the body you want through a combination of strict diet and exercise. Sometimes you can also get that body through a prodigious combination of luck and good genes. But often, it’s incredibly difficult to get the body you want naturally. After all, your body naturally wants to store fat for the long run. And once it has that fat, it can be exceptionally difficult to eliminate it. Additionally, losing “weight” doesn’t necessarily remove excess skin. This means you can be left with a good amount of leftover tissue even if you’ve lost the fat.

The solution to stubborn areas of fat or skin is a set of procedures called that address the size and shape of the body. This can be through the process of removing fat, addressing excess skin, or a combination of both. Procedures that address fat are usually are liposuction procedures, while procedures that address excess skin can range from a tummy tuck to a lower body lift. You can also have lifts performed on your arms and legs. These procedures make patients feel more comfortable in their own bodies—finally giving patients the freedom to feel great in their bodies.


Usually the most popular plastic surgery procedure year-over-year, liposuction is a way to selectively remove fat from unwanted areas of the body. These are often areas that diet and exercise alone simply cannot target. In fact, modern liposuction procedures can often “sculpt” the fat that is not removed, allowing surgeons to create a natural final look. In other words, the fat that is removed can be blended almost seamlessly with the fat you want to keep. These days, many want to honor their curves, and liposuction allows you to do that.

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure in most cases, but it still requires some recovery. There may be swelling in affected areas for several weeks, and you won’t see your final result until that swelling diminishes. That said, most patients love their final results. They often notice a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence after the procedure, because they tend to feel much more comfortable with their bodies. In this way, liposuction can be a real boost to the way you feel about your body.

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Tummy Tuck

Sometimes when you lose weight—or when you go through pregnancy or child birth—the skin around your belly area can be stretched. When this happens, your skin doesn’t always have the ability to bounce back and you can be left with excess tissue. Often because a flat, firm tummy is a sign of a youth, many people want to achieve that look but simply have no way of removing that excess tissue. A tummy tuck removes the excess tissue, and pulls the skin tight so that your belly area looks as youthful as possible. Additionally, your abdominal muscles may be given extra structure as well.

Recovery from tummy tuck procedures can be painful, though in most cases plastic surgeons give patients many pain management options. The results, however, are among the most popular in all of plastic surgery. Patients finally have the confidence to put on that bathing suit and hit the beach. After a tummy tuck procedure, the skin over your belly area will be smoother, firmer, and tighter. You will look more fit and youthful. Most patients report a significant increase in confidence and self-esteem due to these procedures.

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Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss

In some cases after a massive weight loss—whether due to diet and exercise or due to bariatric surgery—there can be a significant amount of excess skin. This excess skin can feel unsightly and may diminish the way patients feel about their weight loss. The solution is a procedure called body contouring after weight loss, which removes excess skin. In a way, it’s like a tummy tuck, simply on a larger scale. This can help patients feel as though they’ve finally completed their weight loss journeys.

This procedure can be intense. However, most patients report a feeling that it was worth the experience, because they can enjoy higher self-confidence and a more complimentary feeling about their body image. Much like a tummy tuck, these procedures often make patients feel as though they can finally wear that bathing suit—or shorts, or t-shirt.

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Body Procedures Can Help You Feel Great About the Way You Look

It can be difficult to exercise control over how your body looks. However, body contouring surgery is one way to do that. If you’re interested in body contouring, contact your plastic surgeon right away to get a sense of what procedures may work best for you. If you want to know more about what’s new and exciting in the field of body contouring procedures, check out our extensive library of articles to learn more.

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