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What is the Cost of Skin Procedures?

The cost of non surgical procedures is generally considerably lower than those of surgical procedures. The reasons are relatively straightforward: generally, there’s no hospital involved, no anesthesia, no extended recovery period. All of these elements help to keep the costs of skin procedures such as Botox and dermal filler injections down. That said, it’s still important to have a grasp on these costs before electing to undergo your own procedure. Of course, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to injectables and skin procedures.

This is because, unlike traditional, surgical plastic surgery procedures, injectables tend to be temporary. This means that there could be some repeat costs if you want to maintain your results. In many cases, even with repeat investments, skin procedures can be less expensive than traditional, surgical procedures—but it’s certainly a factor to take into consideration. Most injectables are designed to treat wrinkles and lines, while most laser treatments are able not only to do that, but are also able to address issues such as skin tone and age spots.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

The cost of any Botox injection will usually depend on the amount of Botox being injected. Most cosmetic and plastic surgeons charge per cubic centimeter of Botox—that is, they charge by volume. The average cost for Botox seems to lay between $10-$15 per unit. Your overall cost, then, will depend on how much Botox is costs to treat your particular problem area. The more Botox used, the greater the overall cost will be. This actually incentivizes many patients to go easy on Botox—a goal that many surgeons share, looking to accomplish the desired results with as little Botox as possible.

Your personal cost of Botox will vary based on the following criteria:

  • Where you get Botox injected
  • The overall volume of Botox used to treat your desired area
  • Your desired final results
  • What you are using Botox to accomplish (Botox is a very versatile injectable, and many patients use it to treat everything from TMJ to depression)
  • The experience of your cosmetic surgeon or practitioner
  • Your location and competitive rates around that location
  • Your expectations
  • Your overall health and reactions to Botox injections

Botox injections are, of course, incredibly popular. Patients love the results and the ease of getting those results.

How Much Do Dermal Fillers Cost?

As with Botox, the cost of dermal fillers are usually determined by overall volume used. Compounding this variability, the costs of these procedures also vary by the dermal filler brand. The cost of Juvederm, for example, will be significantly different from the cost of Radiesse or the cost of Bellafill. Usually, those fillers that last longer are generally more costly. Generally, however, patients can be expected to pay between $200 – $900 per treatment. This is a broad estimate, it should be noted, and your final payment may be affected by the following variables:

  • Your overall desired results and how much dermal filler they will require to accomplish
  • Your purpose for using fillers (a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure, for example, may be more expensive than using dermal fillers to eliminate wrinkles)
  • The overall skill and experience of your cosmetic surgeon
  • Local variables, such as popularity of the procedures
  • The desired final duration of your results
  • Maintenance injections received over time
  • The brand of filler used
  • The volume of filler used

Dermal fillers are an incredibly popular option for patients wanting to look just a couple of years younger. To find out more about fillers, contact your cosmetic surgeon, or look at some of our articles about fillers.

How Much Do Laser Procedures Cost?

As with the other umbrella terms we’ve been discussing, the cost of laser procedures can be incredibly difficult to put a concrete number on. There’s simply a lot of variability not only in what lasers can do, but also in what they are capable of doing. Laser procedures can remove lines and small wrinkles, or they can “refinish” the skin to remove blemishes and sunspots. Much depends on the results being sought by the patient. The average cost of Fraxel is anywhere between $900 – $2000, depending on the desired final results. Some factors that may influence your overall costs may include the following:

  • Target of your laser treatment: whether you want to treat your face, arms, or abdomen, for example
  • How many laser treatments it requires to get your final overall results
  • The competitiveness of your local market
  • Recovery time associated with your chosen laser treatment
  • The laser system best suited to give you your final results

To find out more about laser treatments and laser systems, it’s important to consult with your cosmetic or plastic surgeon in order to get the most accurate information. If you’re not quite ready for a consultation, you can do more research with our laser treatment articles.

Get the Look You Want

Most patient want to look younger, but that’s not exclusively true. Many patients have a wide variety of end goals. This means that the cost of these skin procedures fluctuate considerably based on your desired outcome and the services available in your area. Hopefully the averages listed above give you a baseline, or at least an idea, of how much your procedure will cost. As much as we might like to think otherwise, cost is a factor in many cosmetic surgery decisions, especially because insurance does not cover most of these procedures.

Many cosmetic or plastic surgeons offer patients financing options, especially on more expensive procedures. If you find yourself eager for cosmetic surgery but hesitate at the cost, ask your surgeon about financing options.

Most other questions will also be most accurately addressed by your cosmetic surgeon. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact your local cosmetic surgeon today and get started on your transformation.

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